There is absolute beauty in True Expression

Ask me anything   Submit   "Education is the point @ which we define whether we love our children enough not to expel them from our world and leave them to their own devices, not to strike from their hands their chance of undertaking something new - but to prepare them in advance for the task of renewing a common world." - [Hannah Arendt]
"[It] must, then, be not only a transmission of culture, but also a provider of alternative views of the world and a strengthener of the will to explore them." - [Jerome S. Bruner]

Me: Perpetual dreamer and explorer, hellbent optimist, educator, writer, and DO-er.

Head over heels devoted to the act of colorful expression and flowing with the moment naturally - be as you feel, negative or positive, and use it to propel you forward.

I like to maintain that identities change, ebbing and flowing like all else. it's a swirling pool of constant currents that mix and sometimes travel apart...

My passion is in hand with my devotion: it's simple but so powerful = EXPRESSION

ALSO AND MOST EXCITINGLY! I am at the helm of creating a new project for providing opportunities and INSPIRING conversation/communication/and relationships between neighbors, communities and nations! Which includes, most importantly, diligently working towards funding and providing awareness about the need to bridge educational and cultural gaps between our rapidly growing diverse communities of children.

In order for our futures (our children) to better navigate the world in which they are growing up in, a world that is - even in becoming smaller and tighter - still full of misunderstandings and simple lack of communication, it is essential to give them to tools to effectively, creatively, and vividly communicate their message to each other and to us. To inspire our children, AND the post pubescent to revive a sense of innocent but POWERFUL curiosity in exploring and discovering their neighbors - using conversation that VIVIDLY expresses the natural wildness, unpredictability, and absolutely amazingness that is life and all that it entails, using the idea of conversation as BOUNDARY-LESS - communication happens in all forms.

With play and lighthearted creative collaboration, help me stoke the conversation!

Come check back on how the project unfurls! - The Common Thread/Positively Elementary!

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    Author Gabriel García Márquez Dead at 87


    Gabriel García Márquez, the legendary Colombian novelist whose book One Hundred Years of Solitude established him as a literary giant of 20th-century literature, died on Thursday in Mexico City. He was 87.

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    #fourpartpoems with @emolabs

    For more photos from Tony’s life and poetry, follow @emolabs on Instagram.

    For Texas Instagrammer Tony Ciampa (@emolabs), Instagram serves as a place where images and creative writing come together as a form of self-expression.

    After moving to Texas from his native Boston, Massachusetts, Tony took to Instagram to make friends and build a community of his own—and his photos reflect their adventures together. It wasn’t until later when his experiments in poetry began.

    "It was a Saturday night, and a girl I was having a fling with wasn’t texting me back, so I was just sitting out on a hill that overlooks the skyline drinking a beer. It felt like this quintessential moment in the life of a young adult, so I wrote down what was in my head, took a photo and posted it," Tony explains. "It was the first poem I’d written since high school, so it was really cool for me to see people respond positively to it." With that post, Tony’s #fourpartpoems series was born, and he’s posted a poem every day since.

    As for his aesthetic, handwritten poems photographed in front of sweeping landscapes, Tony cites another artist on Instagram for the initial inspiration. “I follow @lidiagulyas on Instagram, and the photo style comes from her. She does a lot of hand lettering and in one of her photos from a few months ago she had written the phrase ‘I want you’ in a notebook and held it out in front of an out of focus cityscape. It was so moody and really stuck with me.”

    Tony writes all of the poems himself, first pouring out his emotions from the day through free writing, then distilling out his rhymes from there. “In my mind,” he says “that keeps the emotion as authentic as possible.” He then embellishes them with line drawings and sets up his photo before dusk, his self-imposed deadline for posting his work.

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    "Heal the past, Live the present, Dream the future."
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日本の滝百選 - 震動の滝。 (by Crusade.)


    日本の滝百選 - 震動の滝。 (by Crusade.)

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    "If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return, they were always yours. If they don’t, they never were."
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    "Plan like you will live forever, live like you will die tomorrow."
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